Only In Italy


We Are Serious About Childcare

Our babies are mean the world to us. We don’t entrust them to anyone else. If we had no choice, we will leave our children to a family member or someone we really trust. Family outings even evening dates are with the presence of our children. We don’t care how chaos would that be, as long as we could see them and attend to them anytime. Italians love to see every progress of their childhood.  An Italian family can be noisy but that’s what we are. Teasing and bullying is actually part of child’s growth. If we heard their elder brothers and/or sister bullying the baby, it’s okay because a child should learn how to stand up for themselves.

Italians Are Warm People, Sometimes Very Warm

If Public Display of Affection (PDA) is a serious offense in our country, then we will all be guilty. We are not shy people. Expression of our emotions and feelings is our common trait. We could kiss someone on the lips and hug them very tightly in public. We don’t care.

Everyone On The Table Or Nothing

Meal is a big thing for Italians. Men who are working outside their homes will come back home just to eat with their family. Housewives give a great deal of effort to cook for their family. Husbands in return will make every effort to join their family during meals.

We have other funny things you can only find here in Italy like finding a nun in a club drinking beer! Check these websites:,, and