Michelin Stars

Italian Chef

Massimo Bottura

Breaking traditions and preserving it at the same time is Massimo’s specialty. Cooking is his first love. Ever since, he pursue excellence even if it means to break traditions. He was criticized by the locals at first, because Italian dish should be great in quantity. Massimo wanted to prove a point by creating his masterpieces in small quantities. Now he got 3 Michelin stars under his name. Osteria Francescana, his restaurant, is fully booked for the next 2 years.

Cerea Brothers

Great cooking comes in their blood. At an early age, their parents put up a family-owned restaurant which became a major part of their childhood. Their father trained them to consistent and disciplined in the kitchen. They remember those days when they cried over their father’s strictness towards their cooking. But it molded them into great chef. Their restaurant, Davittorio, won 3 Michelin awards. The brothers has no plans of stopping in elevating their way of cooking just like what their father taught them.

Luca and Antonio Abbruzzino

Antonio traveled the world in search for great cooking and combining all lessons learned, he put up his own restaurant, Ristorante Abbruzzino. His son Luca has passion in cooking as well, something he got from Antonio. After school, Luca would search for new inspiration to add something new in the menu. Together, they manage the restaurant and won their first Michelin star.