Italian Food

Italy’s Great Dishes



A very simple dish perfect any time of the day. This is our favorite antipasto or starter dish. Italians love breads, bruschetta fulfill our food fantasies by giving us different flavors in one bite. To make bruschetta, on has delicately grill a bread and top it with fresh chopped tomatoes, cheese, some basil and cured meat.

Margherita Pizza

Margherita is all about using high quality ingredients. The pizza consist of wet/moist dough, special tomato sauce, cheese, and basil. There has been many variations ever since but all of them are great.

Mushroom Risotto

Did we tell you that Italians are all about simple but delicious dishes? Mushroom Risotto makes a good example of that. Made from arborio rice, dry white wine, cheese, and mushroom, this easy meal can be cooked by anyone.

Pasta Con Pomodoro E Basilico

Con Pomodoro is are simplest pasta. The outcome will be based on the quality of ingredients used. The dish is composed of diced tomatoes (fresh or canned), basil, and garlic. Don’t forget to use high quality oil as well. Once cooked top it with Pecorino-Romano cheese and Parmesan. They both complement this pasta dish.


Yum yum! This pasta will give you the creamy goodness and the smoky flavor of the bacon. Carbornara is the usual pasta you can find on every restaurant because it is simple to cook at the same time taste really awesome. Traditional carbonara sauce are made from eggs. But now a days, people are switching to creams. We still like the old style.


Tiramisu are given to persons with low energy. This spongy cake contains caffeine from coffee. The bitterness of the coffee and the creamy tops enabled Tiramisu to make it on our list. We have tasted other versions for Tiramisu, so far without any bias, we prefer Tiramisu here in Italy. You should give it a try and know the difference.


Biscotti is Italian’s version of cookies. These breads are baked twice to achieve that crunchiness. The dryness and crunchiness makes it a perfect match to your coffee or chocolate drink, we simply dip the bread and we’re sold.


Flat pasta layered with meat sauce and cheese. The world fell in love with lasagne, it has been part of restaurants’ menu. No wonder because this pasta recipe has it all. It has the meaty goodness, while indulging you with creamy sauce and saltiness of the cheese. What can you ask for?