Love For Food

Italians use food as a way of communication, they establish good relationships by great recipes on the table. If a visitor comes in, the first thing we have in mind is to feed them, that’s our way of saying we are glad to see you. We take food seriously, we treat it with respect and love.


Our kind of breakfast is not complete with strong coffee and bread or hard roll with butter. And also fruit juices are always ready for the children in the house.


We are known for our pasta, this is the dish that you will always find on the table. Italians know how to eat heavy so lunch meals will always have soup and another main dish.


Lunch meals will have some left overs, those will be our dinner. Moms will cook plenty or more than enough so that they don’t have to cook in the evening. We will accompany our dinner with some bread in case we are not full yet.

Star Ingredients

Olive Oil – this is the common fat they use and replaces animal fat

Wine – there is no need for a celebration to drink wine. We love wine to flush too much fat after a meal.

Cheese –  used in pastas or can be eaten alone. We don’t settle down in one cheese. Most of our recipes consist of 4 types of cheese or more.

Tomatoes – I can’t emphasize how Italians love tomatoes. If we can add it on every food, we will.

Processed Meats – another all time favorite. It could be any of the following: salami, prosciutto, and cotechino.

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